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Your 2 Days of Freedom is coming... 29 & 30 May @ A’Famosa Resort, Malacca

Soon, we will experience a FREEDOM of the senses and elevate ourselves musically.

Imagine this venue...

A’Famosa Resort Malacca

Then you add together these 5 magical things.

A’Famosa Resort + 2 days + FREEDOM + Music Festival + 3 of DJMag’s Top 10 DJs

Can you feel the FREEDOM?

I know you can.

2 Days of FREEDOM Music Festival is a 2 days music festival featuring a stellar line-up of international superstar DJs and regional DJs.

All wrap up in a festival-like atmosphere surrounded by manmade greenery and a venue which promises to cater to all your music festival needs.

There will be two stages for the two days festival.
  1. The Freedom Stage - A state-of-the-art stage with video screens and laser lighting
  2. The Expression Stage - Set for house and electronic music lovers
There is also the Freedom Lounge for other festival activities i.e. games, lounging etc.

29th & 30th May 2009, doors open at 7pm @ A'Famosa Resort, Jalan Kemus, Simpang Empat, Alor Gajah, Malacca.

Friday 29 May
  • Ferry Corsten (NED)
  • Markus Schulz (GER)
  • DJ Effen (SG)
  • DJ Kurt of CTDK (SG)
  • Benny Teh a.k.a DJ B.Two (AUS)
Saturday 30 May
  • Above & Beyond (UK)
  • DJ Effen (SG)
  • DJ Has (SG)
  • Benny Teh a.k.a DJ B.Two (AUS)
*Plus a special appearance by Netherland’s House Music Royalty, 16 Bit Lolitas and Australia’s No. 1 DJ, DJ TyDi. Better not miss them.

It is good to be a FREEDOM MEMBER cause you’ll enjoy a price-cut of up to RM30 per pass.

For more details on member’s privileges and to be a FREEDOM MEMBER visit

For limited numbers of FREEDOM Platinum and Gold Cabanas, contact Scenique Productions at +603 7781 7302. This event is STRICTLY for 18 years old and above. Dress Code: Casual. Also note that organizers reserve the right to deny entry to any individuals with attires that are deemed improper or indecent.

If the explanation above on the details of this event doesn’t interest you... Think about it this way.

It is 2009 and so far, in the previous years, no event organizers have had a really serious following like FREEDOM and its series of music-oriented festivals and performances.

And to say that they have ACCOMPLISHED to put in every necessary event component to the very last detail is abit of an understatement.

Cause these people pulled it off well and I’m impressed.

They did it all towards creating the ULTIMATE MUSIC FESTIVAL BRAND NAME amongst us electronic dance music lovers.

Another aspect I’m keen about discussing is on the topic of the DJs performing at 2 Days of FREEDOM Music Festival.

The 3 main headliners - Ferry Corsten (NED), Markus Schulz (GER) and Above & Beyond (UK) are among the TOP 10 DJs on DJ Magazine’s ( Top 100 DJ List. FYI, DJMag is the world’s best selling EDM/DJ magazine according to ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations UK).

If you did not have some sort of measurement of how good a DJ is, DJMag’s list is a good place to start. For me, it is the only place I check for DJs I want to listen and feature on this blog’s “Cool Musica” - chosen playlist featured on this blog.

Coming back to the festival headliners, let’s not go into EDM technical details. I’m not into arguing who has a better list of accomplishments, live set, showmanship, CD sales etc etc etc.

I love music and music festivals. So I want you to get an imaginary feel of what it would feel like being at this festival...

Imagine good wholesome electronic dance music…

Imagine sharing a great festival moment with thousands of other revellers.

So let’s get tantalized by some pre 2 Days of FREEDOM Music Festival experience...


The King of Crossover at other similar festivals

How does it feel to be at Ferry Corsten’s live set

Ferry Corsten (Netherlands), also known under the alias System F, is a producer, DJ and remixer of trance music. Currently ranked #6 in DJ Magazine’s list, he also hosts his own weekly radio show - Corsten's Countdown. He routinely plays at events all over the world with crowds in excess of tens of thousands.

FYI, Ferry Corsten is the electronic dance music artist with the highest amount of dance singles in the UK. He was dubbed the King of Crossover in an August L.E.F. (Loud Electronic Ferocious) style, which some hail as a new direction in dance music. Corsten describes it as "everything from electro house, trance and techno".

For DJ’s music preview visit

Next, headlining on the second day... ABOVE AND BEYOND (UK)

Above & Beyond thanking thousands of EDM fans who came for their show

How does it feels to be at Above & Beyond’s live set

Above & Beyond is an EDM group formed in 2000 by Jonathan "Jono" Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki. The trio are popular in the trance scene for their uplifting trance productions and collaborations with many vocalists. They also host their own weekly radio show, Trance Around the World.

The group's tracks are regularly played by well-known DJs, such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, ATB, Judge Jules and Paul van Dyk.

First time I ever heard them coming to our shores was in 2005. It was a New Year's Eve celebration at some venue in KL. Then when they came again in 2008 at Zouk Club KL for Red Sessions pres. ABOVE & BEYOND Album Tour 2008, 08/02/08. I was there to experience the eclectic sounds of this famed trio and I can’t wait to experience it again.

For DJ’s music preview visit

Last but not least, MARKUS SCHULZ (GER)

Markuz on the decks

How does it feel to be at Markuz Schulz live set

Markus Schulz is a German trance music DJ and producer who currently resides in Miami, Florida, USA. Best-known for his weekly radio show entitled "Global DJ Broadcast" that airs on Digitally Imported radio. He is also the founder of the EDM label Coldharbour Recordings.

He has DJ'ed at several well-known festivals and events, including: Nature One, Dance Valley, Monster Massive, Together As One, Love Parade, Global Gathering, ETD Pop, Bang Music Festival, Future Music Festival and at Episode 350 of A State Of Trance.

For DJ’s music preview visit

Plus a special 2 Days of FREEDOM Music Festival appearance by

16 Bit Lolitas (NED)
Set to blaze the Expression Stage are Netherland’s “Dance Music Royalty”, 16 Bit Lolitas. Peter Kriek and Ariaan Olieroock are one of the most successful production duos who have ever turned their attention to progressive and underground house.

For DJ’s music preview visit

DJ TyDi is Australia’s latest musical virtuoso dubbed the No. 1 Australian DJ and he will be opening for Above and Beyond at the festival.

This 21 year old has an impressive resume which includes playing alongside elite names like Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and Paul van Dyk and has performed before mass crowds at Big Day Out, Slinky, Godskitchen, Adventj*h and Mayhem.

DJ TyDi's presence at festival will set to show Malaysian music lovers a taste of his might.

For DJ’s music preview visit

Other performers at 2 Days of FREEDOM Music Festival includes...

JUICE magazine rated him as one of the upcoming DJs to watch out for in 2006. His mix tape 'Looking For The Perfect Key' is featured on local airwaves as well as radio stations in America and the United Kingdom.

For DJ’s music preview visit

DJ Has Nor, Café’ Del Mar Singapore needs no introduction. Voted as the “eclectic maestro” and Singapore’s “Best DJ”, Has Nor has been responsible for introducing some of the most serious club sounds and setting new standards in the region.

DJ Kurt hails from Clash The Disko Kids (CTDK), a Singapore electro-techno-house trio consisting of himself, DJ Itchi and Weili. They incorporate a strong rock influence into their sets and image.

Under their belts are titles such as Juice DJ Quest Champion, Frontal Super Star DJ Project Champion, Pioneer PRO DJ Regional Final Runner Up and Heineken Thirst Studio Runner-up.

For DJ’s music preview visit

DMC, ITF, Vestax and PBS DJ Runner up and champion.
An artist who lives for expression, B.Two started DJing when he was 16.

He has graced the decks at some major competitions in Malaysia and Australia. Titles under his belt are Vestax Extravaganza, ITF, Scribble Jam, Ecler, PBS and the latest one, 2008 Victorian DMC Title.

For DJ’s music preview visit

What is your verdict?

Are we going to have our FREEDOM this year or are we just not bothered to experience the COOLER things in life?

You decide.

That is all the pre-FREEDOM event preview I can take for now. The wait for 29th - 30th is agonizing.

Must plan annual leave. Must book room. Must gather friends. Must calm down. Hahaha…

See ya’ll soon.

Have a good 3 weeks of music-festival-rest cause you’ll need the energy come 2 Days of Freedom Music Festival.


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Cool Event ~ Rendra Zawawi Farewell Gig @ Bangkok Jazz, 30 & 31 January 2009

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Welcome back to the hellish reality that is
"Got to work tomorrow... 3 more days to weekend. Why didn't the office grant me leave till the weekend? WHYYY!!! This sucks..."
No worries mate, to those working while your other lucky Chinese office mates are still on a holiday... fret not. I found another gig, last minute, non EDM-related but will definitely jumpstart your weekend party mood.

All you have to do is wait 3 more days, wish Thank God its Friday! and head down to Bangkok Jazz.

Rendra Zawawi Farewell Gig @ Bangkok Jazz, 30 & 31 January 2009

On 30 and 31 Jan, Rendra Zawawi will be putting on a final show before leaving Malaysia in February for a little overseas sojourn. As it might be some time before he got back to KL again, this is definitely a gig that's not to be missed.

Rendra will be playing two 40 minutes set, consisting of all of his songs, and will be backed by his band, consisting of David Rafael on Lead, Alda Tan on Bass, Stephanie Chan on Drums, Rohnie Tan on Violin, Adil Johan on Saxaphone, Ywenna Carolin on Piano, and guest musician Savy Ho on violin, all big names in their own right.

(Info source - TOKL)

When & Where
10 pm, 30-31 Jan 2009 @ Bangkok Jazz Thai Bistro, Chulan Square, 92 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Folk singer songwriter... Rendra Zawawi

Rendra's music is best describe as folk rock, with a most occasional violin twist. He is often backed by amazing music friends who would often tell him the chords he is playing. He usually tends to write memorable sing-alongs, depending on the weather.

Often when asked, he is a songwriter first, singer second and guitarist third. He blames the English weather for whatever mellow sentiments you may find in his music. To date, he has recorded over 20 songs and enjoys the wonders of playing live all around.

There will be different guest artists for each night of the gig:

Friday - Hameer Zawawi, John Oommen (Silent Scream) and Zee Avi
Saturday - Hameer Zawawi, The Dizzy and Yuna

No cover.

+ Info
For more info and reservations contact 03-2145 8708

Why attend this gig?
The last Rendra Zawawi show in Malaysia? Kinda caught me in surprise. Hoped to be able to see more of his folk musical wonders when he gets back. Cause you can never get enough of a good thing.

The 2 night showcase will also be enhanced and kicked up a couple more musical notches with with Yuna and Zee Avi as guest artists.


Anyways... My most recent time listening to Rendra was at

And when I was there... I had a really good time, listening to good music.

To no shame, when I hear something really good, I get goose bumps... The anticipation, the excitement, the astonishment.

Something like your first kiss with a new lover. You take it in, you feel it, you want more at first but you hold back knowing that all nice things will loose its charm from over time and you pace yourselves for such goodness should be savoured. (Here I go again with the philosophical talk)

Take a look at this vid and you'll get what I mean

On the Up ~ Rendra Zawawi 1 @ NBT, 19/11/2008

For more of Rendra's musical goodness (or whatever that is left before he jets off overseas) visit his pages at

Plus I also found this site which features all of Rendra's recorded gig performances, including the vids I posted up... NICE.

PS - Now I have 5 events to attend this Friday and Saturday... and they say Malaysia has nothing to do at night besides have supper and illegal racing. Wait a sec... 5 events? Arghhhh!!!

Do check out some events you can attend this weekend in the earlier posts.

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My most recent Rendra experience

TOKL pres. Time Out : On the Up (Nov '08) @ NBT 19/11/08... Rendra Zawawi, another ear-worthy performer to feed my indie junkie soul

Photo Source
Bangkok Jazz and Rendra's myspace

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Cool Tube ~ Daft Punk DIY

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Holidays without traveling ANYWHERE can lead you to boredom and boredom leads to over exposure of YOUTUBE. And due to the boredom, I stumbled into some good stuff on the tube...

In this post, I dedicate the info to all die hards of Daft Punk especially Dandelion (She loves these electronic android DJs)

"Daft Punk DIY" is all about HOW YOU (yes you...) can perform some of your favourite Daft Punk music at home!

First of all, I think you know that Daft Punk' music is heavy in sampling other's music and making an awesome electronic version of it. Apart from that, their distinctive sound are heavily driven by synthesized vocals.

Check out this vid for an idea of Daft Punk's music (and also a feel of their massive raves)

How to get that synthesized voice?

Easiest way by getting/making a TALK BOX.

A talk box is an effects device that allows a musician to modify the sound of a musical instrument. The musician controls the modification by Lip syncing, or by Changing the shape of their mouth.

The effect can be used to shape the frequency content of the sound and to apply speech sounds (in the same way as singing) onto a musical instrument, typically a guitar (its non-guitar use is often confused with the vocoder) and keyboards.

A talk box is usually an effects pedal that sits on the floor and contains a speaker attached with an air tight connection to a plastic tube, however, it can come in other forms, such as the 'Ghetto Talkbox' (a homemade version which is usually crude) or higher quality custom made versions.

And after you done perform some simple DIY, provided you have a keyboard... You are set for Daft Punk performance galore.

And with some practice, you can become this


This is the Ghetto/Homemade talk box

Follow this link to the DIY MANUAL to making your own Talk Box.

I'm looking into making this.

But have to wait for my sister to come back and bring her big ass key board.

Then I will Daft Punk you guys.


Photo Source
Image from

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